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Focus on Great Candidate Fit Proves Successful

Posted By: John Sweney on August 18, 2017

Talent, skill, knowledge and experience are vital, but the key to a successful contract or permanent placement is the cultural fit to the client workplace.

Several years ago a manager from a leading High Tech company came to Brookwoods Group with a problem.  He was using contractors and they just weren’t working out.  He used several agencies, but came to us for a better solution.  Taking time with the client and talking through the needs were the first steps.  We have a long-term working relationship with this company for more than 19 years.  After a thorough screening and interview process, along with our in-depth personality profiling, we were able place the right contractor.  In fact that individual is close to celebrating her fifth year with this company in that department.  This lead to more success stories with this department and we now have 5 people located all over the country working on key accounts just for this manager, in addition to others elsewhere in this client company.  We have been so successful in our careful process to assure a great fit that this manager has referred Brookwoods Group to his colleagues.