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Social Media Expert: Finding the perfect Fit!

Posted By: John Sweney on July 25, 2017

Our client a large Food and Beverage company searched for 9 months to find a social media expert.  They made 3 offers and none were accepted.  Frustration and concern was rising in the organization, could they even find the right person, someone to fit their culture and schedule.  They spent countless hours, reviewing 100’s of resumes, phone screening and eventually interviewing candidates – to have their offers rejected!

They were referred to Brookwoods Group to help them solve their problem.  Brookwoods Group spent time with the client, and using our perfected recruiting process, our personality profiling and behavior interviewing we were able to present 3 candidates within 14 days.

There were 2 finalist and the problem our client had now – which one would they offer the job to.  In the meantime, Brookwoods Group was closing the candidates and making sure they were on board and excited about the potential offer.  Success – the finalist received his offer, and he started after giving notice.  They have been together since and with our follow up conversations we know both client and employee have found their perfect fit.