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Companies Seek Help Filling Oil Jobs

Posted By: David Drake on May 21, 2018

A recent article from Reuters – – illustrates what we’ve been observing first-hand for the last couple of quarters: companies in the oil & gas sector are having an increasingly hard time hiring good, qualified professionals for all types of roles, and this is hurting both those companies and the industry as a whole.

When the bottom fell out of oil prices worldwide back in 2014, everyone from super-major E&Ps to oilfield service companies of every size started laying off employees. After shedding up to 50% or more of their employees over the last few years, many companies are now finding it next to impossible to staff back up as they try to keep up with growing headcount demands necessitated by the steady recovery of oil prices and increased drilling activities.

Although companies operating in major shale plays seem to be having the hardest time attracting qualified employees, the recruiting pain is being felt at every company in the business. Former oil industry workers of all types, from rig managers, production assistants and geologists to marketing, communications and sales professionals have left the industry in droves. So, what can companies do to stay competitive?

Many employers are going back to relying on the tried and true methods used by leading staffing and recruiting firms like Brookwoods Group, that utilize full-time internal recruiters to seek out the very best talent for every open role and then steer those hard-to-find professionals to their clients. Employers know that search experts like Brookwoods Group can find and persuade great professionals that otherwise might not consider coming back into the industry or contemplate leaving their current job for something that could be a much better opportunity.

If your company is struggling to attract to the highest caliber employees and contractors to join your team, give us a call. We are professionally prepared to solve your hiring challenges and allow you to remain focused on your actual work-related responsibilities. Don’t get caught missing out on business because you have key positions unfilled! Take the necessary steps to perpetuate consistency and excellence in the delivery of your products and services!  Because if you’re not ready when opportunity knocks, your competitors will be.