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EngineeringBrookwoods Group Understands the Recruitment Needs of the Engineering Industry, Matching the Right People with the Right Companies

Brookwoods Group is a staffing firm whose trained professionals address the recruitment and executive search needs of leading companies. Having served a wide variety of companies in Texas since our inception in 1998, we know how to find people who are the perfect fit for any organization.

Engineering recruitment can be tedious, and companies can get bogged down in the grueling process needed to fill positions. That’s where we come in. Some of our long-standing recruiters are engineers themselves.  If you’re looking for engineering professionals in any field including chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil, petroleum, environmental or industrial — even specialized positions such as mechanical SolidWorks designers — our professionals leverage our well-honed process to mine an ever-evolving talent pool in Texas to help us find the “best-fit employees” for your company.

With decades of experience in placing candidates for both permanent and project positions, we know what to look for in the ideal candidate. As a staffing agency for engineering professionals, our recruiters understand that it takes both hard and soft skills to succeed. As any good engineer would advocate, we approach engineering recruiting like and engineering project – plans, processes, timelines, checks and balances.  We follow strict criteria to ensure that candidates have the necessary skill set, deep industry knowledge and experience needed to be a successful employee.

Considering the evolving needs of the engineering field, and each organization’s different needs, we take detailed steps to assess just what kind of candidate you need. By fitting you with talent that’s the perfect match, you’ll be able to fill out your team and move on to adding value to your organization and helping it grow.

At Brookwoods Group, our rigorous process ensures that the professionals we find for you meet both your qualification criteria and your firm’s culture.

If you’re searching for engineering recruiters in Houston, San Antonio, Austin or anywhere in Texas, call us and let us find the right person for the job.