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Former Talent Acquisition Team Leader Talks About Using Recruiting Firms

Posted By: Debbie Milks on June 8, 2015

We’ll readily admit that we come off as being quite biased whenever a discussion turns to hiring a recruiter to find Marketing and Recruiting Forms Can Save You Moneytalent. Yes, we are recruiters in Houston Texas—and darned proud of it too. But we’ve also seen how great it is when a client finds that “perfect fit” employee and, years later, the employee and company management are all still happy.

When it works, it works well

Not only can engaging a recruiter save you money in the long run (check out our “infographic” showing how), but in the short run, it’s actually often faster and easier to find your ideal candidate using a recruiter than it is conducting the search process on your own. And in the long run, that perfect fit candidate delivers value almost from day one … and ultimately over a much longer period of time.

Complete turnaround

So we weren’t surprised when Bill Graves, a talent acquisition leader who became a recruiter, wrote “8 Questions to Ask About Using a Search Firm” for, admitting to “search avoidance”—avoiding hiring a search firm to save his company money. Now he sees (firsthand) the enormous value recruiting firms add to the process, as he is employing what Dr. Stephen Covey (the well-known American educator, keynote speaker, and author of best-selling titles, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) suggested: “begin with the end in mind.”

Working with a niche recruiting agency on a search adds value to the HR department’s client (the hiring manager) because many positions have nuances that are difficult to recognize, making the position harder to fill. Working with a recruiting firm allows HR to move past processing resumes and extensive and often fruitless interviewing. Together, the client and the agency can find the perfect fit candidate faster and with more precision, avoiding the Five Stages of Grief Over a Bad Hire.