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Glossophobia - 13 public speaking mistakes to avoid

Posted By: Trish Cunningham on February 9, 2016

iStock_000016600696SmallYou arrive at work and the day started normally but within twenty minutes of arriving you’ve received a message from your boss that she can’t deliver a keynote and you’ll have to step up to the plate. Your fears overwhelm you and you start to sweat and hyperventilate, knowing you’re going to pass out any second. You’d rather die than speak in public. And you are not alone, but it doesn’t have to be so hard on your nervous system.

Thankfully, this is not a fear I developed but I do understand. These helpful tips will provide thoughtful ideas to assist when the gut wants to stop the brain from sending the signals to our mouths in order to voice the right words with a message that will resonate with the audience. Read these tips, practice them, rigorously and religiously. You never know when you may be called to task and that task will be to present to an audience.;

Even if you are nervous, simply tell the audience the truth. “You know, I’m about to pass out up here from nerves, but if I do, you won’t get the information I promised … so I ask you to please have water and a cool rag ready for me just in case.” I guarantee you, the audience will laugh and breathe a sigh of relief showing you support prior to your successful mic drop at the end. (Please do NOT actually drop the mic though, or your AV team will be very unhappy with you.)

And remember, most in the audience are just grateful they are not under the spotlight with the mic. When you know what you are talking about and can use a presentation as a reference tool, and not the actual content presenter, you’ll do well.