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How a Staffing Agency Can Help Small Businesses

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on May 15, 2019

So, you think staffing and recruiting agencies are a luxury only for bigger businesses, along the same lines as company planes, cafeteria benefits, and indoor plant services. Think again!  A small business needs good employees even more so than big businesses. With a small team shouldering all the work, it’s important that they’re all good at what they do. But having limited resources, a small business cannot afford to expend the time and energy needed for the recruiting process.

This is where a staffing agency comes in. From screening applicants to hiring the right candidate for the job, a recruitment firm can really help your small business thrive and prosper. According to the American Staffing Association, more than 14 million contract and temporary employees were hired with the help of a staffing agency.

Here’s how small businesses can benefit from hiring a staffing agency.

They Help You Find Employees with Particular Talents

It can be difficult to find individuals with a specific talent for the niche job you have to offer. For example, if you’re searching for a particular engineer or a specific technical professional, you may face some trouble attracting the right professional for your team. A staffing agency can identify and recruit qualified individuals, perform background checks, check out their references, and verify their qualifications and expertise.

They Help You Find Employees with Particular Talents

They Free Up Time for You

For a small business, hiring the right employee can take up precious time that can be spent on other productive tasks. Moreover, hiring the wrong candidate can have a major impact on the labor costs and can take up a major chunk of your efforts and resources. And if you’re not skilled in the recruiting, interviewing, vetting, and hiring process, it can take up even more valuable time. This can take you away even more from growing your business. A staffing agency will help you find the right candidate so that you can efficiently run your company.

They Reduce the Costs of a Bad Hire

Hiring a staffing agency for your small business can benefit you in the long run. Think about it—what if you end up hiring the wrong candidate? You spend precious time and resources training them and then they end up leaving. This can cost you a lot.

The Department of Labor states that the cost of replacing a bad hire can be one-third of their annual salary. A staffing agency can help you avoid making that costly mistake. In fact, a recruiting firm can save your company over $500,000 with the right hire!

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