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How to Get More Qualified Candidates vs. Just More Candidates

Posted By: Moses Robles on April 16, 2021

All successful recruiters with exceptional hiring rates have one thing in common: they think outside the box. When it comes to gaining a competitive edge in recruiting, you have to think differently. It’s not

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that difficult to increase the candidate flow—the real challenge is getting more qualified candidates.


Although many companies manage to attract high volumes of candidates for roles, the majority tend to be underqualified or a poor fit. That’s why many companies are working with professional recruiters to transform the way they recruit and screen candidates.

Create and Promote a Great Company Culture

If you’re finding it difficult to attract qualified candidates, take a look at your online reputation. Whether it’s bad ratings on review sites like Glassdoor or word of mouth on the local level, what former and current employees say about you can have a huge effect on the quantity and, more importantly, the quality of candidates you attract.

You cannot control what employees say about you online, but you can arrange for prospective hires to see the other side of the story. Here are some strategies that can help you better manage your reputation online:

  • Respond to negative reviews: Many times former employees who were unhappy at being let go will vent their displeasure by posting anonymous bad reviews on Google or Glassdoor. It’s possible to get some of the reviews removed by Google if you can prove that they are illegitimate. Otherwise, you should respond with empathy, but defend your position, perhaps saying that the employee simply wasn’t a good fit without providing any private information.
  • Give your website a makeover: Ensure that the core values of your company—as well as your commitment to them—are displayed in bold, front and center. And it goes without saying that your company values not only need to be positive, but they also need to be a critical component of your overall business strategy.
  • Humble brag: Make sure you have a thorough Careers section on your website where you can post employee benefits. Flexibility, great benefits, and company awards are all things that appeal to prospective candidates. Don’t keep these things a secret.

Host Hiring Events

During the hiring process, candidates are not just interested in understanding the role; they also want to know your company culture. Although creating job posts that stand out can certainly send a message in terms of the type of people you’re seeking, why not show candidates what makes your firm an awesome place to work by hosting in-person events? Setting up invitation-only networking happy hours or informal meet-ups either at a local restaurant or in your office is a superb way to show off your culture and engage with potential candidates.

Innovate Always

The recruiting world is ever-changing and ever-evolving. As culture and technology change, recruiting methods change as well. This means that while the ideas mentioned above may deliver results right now, they won’t work forever. The best thing you can do to stay ahead of the game is keep on top of the latest recruiting trends as they emerge, and never be satisfied with your current method. Even if a strategy works, you should keep pushing forward and seeking creative ways to find new prospective candidates.


Of course, people do tend to put on their best face if they know they’re being considered for an opening. Brookwoods Group, a premier professional recruiting in Houston and executive recruiters in Austin, can help you screen candidates to make sure they’re a perfect fit for your company—not just from a company culture standpoint, but in overall qualifications.

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