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How to Write an Awesome Job Description That Will Drive More Candidates to Apply.

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on August 9, 2019

Write an Awesome Job Description

The process of searching for the right talent to join your team begins with the job description. This important first step generates an important first impression, so it needs to grab candidate’s attention and pique their interest in your organization. In a slow economy, competition for top talent isn’t as strong, but with unemployment at a historic low, it’s a talent-centric market. That means your job description needs to work harder than ever.

Here are a few tips on writing a great job description.

Speak to Your Target Audience

Before you begin drafting your job description, think about what kind of candidate you’re targeting. Consider experience, aspirations and career goals,and make sure you address them both directly and indirectly.

Optimize Your Job Title for Search Engines

As candidates rely on search engines to find job openings, make sure you use commonly used job titles in your keywords. Don’t get clever unless you have a large budget to communicate what the job really is or it’s a really new and unique open position.

Begin with a Company Summary

Start off the job description with a short introduction to your company. That doesn’t mean you can just copy and paste the “About Us” page from your website. The purpose of this brief summary is to put the job opening into context for the candidates. It’ll tell them generally what kind of company they’d be joining.

Begin with a Company Summary

Describe Job Benefits

List the job benefits and compensation in bullet points, but describe them concisely so they’re more impactful. This will increase your post’s readability,helping boost its search engine results and convert more visitors into applications.

State Job Requirements

Every job has requirements, so include them in the middle of the job description. This can be tricky since some candidates may shy away from a long list of insignificant prerequisites, but you could encourage unqualified candidates to apply if your requirements list is too short.

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