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How Your Business Can Attract Top Talent In Your Industry

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on July 23, 2019

Attract Top Talent

Can you think of any companies that always have the best talent working for them, even when they don’t put in too much effort in their recruitment processes? That’s probably because they’ve hired a top-class marketing and staffing agency or internal HR team to guide their strategies.

A staffing agency can work wonders for the growth of your business. If you’re looking to score the best talent for your organization, get in touch with Houston’s leading staffing agency! At Brookwoods Group, we’ve been helping clients find the right candidate for the right job since 1998.

In this blog, we’ll walk through some key tips on how you can work with us to attract the top industry talent:

What is your industry reputation?

Let’s face it, reputation matters. Employees always want to work for companies that have a solid market presence and that are favorably perceived by the public. Nobody would want to go out of their way to get hired by an organization that nobody has heard of.

So, the first step for you to take is to improve public perception of your company and gain recognition in your field.

How can you improve your reputation in the industry?

Building a brand image can take years of consistent hard work. One quick way to garner positive public attention is to make the most of your social media skills. Build engagements with your followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We suggest you run an informative blog that catches the attention of the top players in your industry area. Basically, use the media to your advantage and try to stay in the loop as much as possible.

Watch Your Reviews

You also need to be aware of your online reviews. Anyone can leave a review of your business on Google, and while you can’t control who leaves you a negative review, you can manage the review with a response.  Be sure to monitor your reviews on key websites such as Google and Yelp—especially if you have a business-to-consumer business.

Respond to as many reviews as you can, thanking those who leave favorable comments and ratings and responding with empathy to negative reviews. Potential employees do look at these and they judge the culture of you company by both the review itself and how your company responds to it.

Demonstrate Your Employee Culture

When candidates are looking for a job, they’re likely to go visit your social media pages. Even if they don’t really know much about you, they will assess your online presence and judge your office culture based on the types of posts you put up. So make sure you put up plenty of posts that represent a positive office environment.

Demonstrate Your Employee Culture

Hint at Your Compensation and Benefits

Many companies get attention from top talent because those companies take care of their people. This is definitely the case in an up economy as companies compete for candidates—but is not usually the reality in a down economy. There are ways you can let the market know that  you’re willing to treat your employees with the care that they deserve.


Attracting the best employees is going to take more than just a good salary or company name. If you’re looking to find the right candidate for your company, get in touch with Brookwoods Group and let us help you find the “perfect-fit” candidate.