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Important Skills That Help Job Seekers Get an Edge in the Recruiting Process

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on October 26, 2020

As companies start ramping up again post-pandemic, you may be one of the fortunate few to get the call to go to the next step of the recruiting process.

Hire Edge


Keep in mind that organizations spend a considerable amount of money and time recruiting and training candidates. They want whomever they find to be successful. So when they find that a new executive isn’t the right cultural fit for them, it can cost the company tens of thousands of dollars. Consequently, job recruiting processes have become much more extensive and stringent, and to successfully navigate them, candidates need to adopt a specific set of skills.

Now, we’re not talking about the technical skills that vary based on profession and industry. We’re talking about essential employability skills—the competencies you need to present yourself better and to further a successful career, regardless of your path.

This set of skills is closely linked with your personality. They’re essentially a part of who you are—skills that you can leverage to your advantage in a recruitment environment. The devil is in the details, as they say, so here are a few skills you should adopt to give you an edge over other candidates.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are required in virtually all types of jobs. Every employer wants to have team members who listen attentively and can accurately interpret what is asked of them and relay that information to others effectively.

Job seekers should know that communication is not only what you say—it’s also how you present yourself. Understanding your audience, showing a capacity for empathy, and tailoring your questions and responses accordingly can be invaluable during the recruitment process.

Ability to Balance Confidence With Humility

Employers today seek candidates who are confident in their skills and abilities, but who are also willing to grow. They want positive, self-aware team members who aren’t afraid to make decisions and learn from their mistakes.

So, how can you show confidence as you successfully navigate the recruiting process? Your ultimate goal should be to show recruiters and those you interview with the “real you.” Be authentic, clear, and straightforward with what you want and what you can offer, straight from the get-go. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t, because if you’re successful in your deception, neither you nor your new employer will be happy in the long run.

Business Acumen

Business acumen is valued by companies and organizations across all public- and private-sector jobs and industries alike. And that makes sense. As an employer, you need team members who have an acute understanding of your industry, your business, and how they both work.

Business acumen is more a way of thinking than a skill. In job advertisements and job descriptions, you often see these terms:

  • Commercial thinking
  • Having a commercial attitude
  • Being business-minded
  • Commercial sense

As a candidate, you bring to the table your talents, personality, knowledge, experience and skills.  Your talents are innate and you can either leverage them in your job or not.  Your personality is fairly consistent, and it takes a huge effort and lots of energy to “put on a different face” so you may as well just be who you are at work.  Your knowledge, experience and skills are the tools of your career – no one can take these away from you AND you can add to them every day just by learning, doing, and practicing.  Consider the skills outlined here and take action today!

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