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Is a Failure Really a Failure if we Learn from it?

Posted By: Dianne Sawyer on August 27, 2018

“Don’t be afraid of failure. This is the way to succeed.” – LeBron James

Dealing with creative failure- what are your strategies to deal with it and get back on track? As a Recruiter and former college career advisor for design and communications students, I often see burnout and frustration in both seasoned professionals and new graduates.

While I like artist/painter Addie Wagenknecht’s philosophy, “It’s about being in the right moment for the right ideas.” this seems too passive for the reality of the 21st century workplace. What if you are on a deadline for a client and waiting for the “right moment” is not an option? Do you use strategies such as listening to inspirational podcasts or similar in order to reconnect with your creativity as Experience designer Ida C. Benedetto does?

Fast Company published the following article that made me think about how designers, creatives and all professionals manage and overcome failure.

Perhaps connecting with a community of creative professionals in all stages of their careers to support and encourage one another is a good place to begin. I strongly believe that having a mentor and being a mentor can make a strong positive and lasting impact on career satisfaction and professional growth. I’ve seen it firsthand and was fortunate to have many of my own mentors along the way.