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It Pays Off to be Patient in Your Job Search

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on April 4, 2019

When you get the chance to work with great professionals, you learn to LISTEN to what they have to say. We were thrilled to learn everything MaryJane Mudd had to say about her experiences working with Brookwoods Group. She has been around long enough to know that getting a “job” is not the best way to approach professional life. Ensuring you’re going to be placed in a position that will utilize your strengths, allow for growth, and provide you with the opportunity to advance would most certainly be the better way.

At times we can be patient easily, but not always. If you have the time to learn about yourself, get to know yourself and your strengths. Couple that with getting to know a company you may have interest in and the skills necessary for success in any given position, and you’ll be much better off waking up and going to a place of employment where you’ll spend the majority of your day. Take a listen to MaryJane and determine how you may apply these philosophies to your job search.

The first step may be getting in touch with a specialized recruiting and staffing firm focused in the specific areas you have interest. Do you want to focus in digital marketing, marketing communications, public relations? If your interest is in marketing, communication, sales, or change management, Brookwoods Group should be top of the list!