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MaryJane Mudd Talks About Working With Brookwoods Group

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on April 4, 2019

Brookwoods Group has the opportunity to work with top talent across our service lines of direct hire, contract staffing, and consulting employment. One such professional is MaryJane Mudd. MaryJane is a Houston-based communications professional with an exceptional reputation and a second-to-none work ethic. As a top marketing, sales, and communication search firm, we value relationships with MaryJane and other top talented professionals.

When we had the chance to first place her in a direct hire role with one of our top global oil and gas clients we were thrilled. We took her through our intense application process to prepare for the client interviews all the way through accepting the offer. We’ve kept in touch after that, and when we learned she was interested in contract assignments, we didn’t waste one minute reaching out to her when we had an opportunity for a corporate communication contract role with one or our top global chemical clients.

Take a listen to MaryJane as she describes her experience with Brookwoods Group from both a direct hire and a contract employee perspective.

We thank MaryJane for carrying our reputation forward with such dignity and grace!