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Networking is Valuable

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on April 4, 2019

Have you wondered where some of your friends and colleagues have gotten their jobs? Do you wonder if they were hired via the internet portals that have basically removed the human element from the search process? Did you know that many highly intelligent, driven professionals identify their next role via networking? It’s true!

Brookwoods Group has worked with so many talented professionals over our history and so many were met at networking events like AMA Houston, PRSA Houston, IABC Houston, BMA Houston, HIMA Houston, WEN Houston and more! The main reason Brookwoods Group employees network is because we know and understand that all good hires keep the human element in the process.

Have a listen to Heather Hernandez talk about how networking will assist her with her next role. She is getting closer every single day and she knows it’s because of casting her net far and wide and showing up!

Remember to show up, make new contacts, follow up. Then follow up again.