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New Year Thought – Do you want to get better at something?

Posted By: Debbie Milks on January 10, 2019

Most recently The Harvard Business Journal posted this great article about two simple questions to ask yourself if you want to get better at something. It could be something personal or within your business. Leaders should always look for ways to get better, so read on.

One of the most important points of this article is that silence is the sound of thinking. Many are so uncomfortable with those seconds or moments of silence that it can be filled with static making it harder to think things through. Next time you are in a listening phase of a conversation, be aware of the silence and keep it open so that the thought processes can finalize what is being pondered.

Brookwoods Group would add one other question to ask – will you be able to get better where you are? If you are looking to improve at work, new position, higher salary, more responsibilities, will you be able to do that at your current company?

There are many people thinking they may need to change roles and companies in 2019, are you one of these people? If so you should seek counsel with search and recruiting firms. There are firms like Brookwoods Group in Texas that work closely with potential candidates to review what they really want at work and then how to build their resumes and experience to get there. Not all agencies push you through like you are a number, look for firms who pay attention to your needs and focus on how you fit into a specific position. Just one more way to get better at something. And of course, staying the course!