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Our 6-Step Process Helps You Find the Perfect-Fit Candidates for Your Company

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on April 22, 2020

6-Step Process

Finding, screening, hiring, and onboarding candidates for your firm is no easy feat. If you handle it internally, the process can drain your business’s time and financial resources.

There are a lot of things to consider when bringing a new member into your team. Aside from technical skills and experience, evaluating an employee’s potential requires a deeper look into what they offer. After all, bringing the wrong candidate into your organization can cost you—not just in terms of money, but in productivity and workplace culture, too.

In the ever-changing job recruiting environment, how can you leverage the latest technologies to find the best talent? Can you spot a candidate who’s a perfect culture fit instead of job fit? How can you get the most “value added” from the people you bring on board?

As a veteran executive recruiting firm, Brookwoods Group has years of experience connecting clients with talented candidates who fit their organizations. Our candidate- and client-focused approach relies on insights from you so we can find the right talent that’ll fit seamlessly into your company’s culture and add to its net value.

Here’s how we find the perfect-fit employee for your company:

1. Benchmarking

With 50 percent of hiring managers planning on increasing their use of staffing firms, it’s evident that recruiting professionals can find the right talent for your niche.

We take our recruiting process a step further by working in close collaboration with your organization. The recruiting process is a reflection of your company’s values, putting your unique brand identity and culture at the forefront of the hiring process.

We set a benchmark for what your perfect-fit candidate will be and utilize our resources, networks, and experience to find the right talent for your team.

2. Needs Analysis

Every company has a different set of unique requirements for the right talent—including company culture, experience, soft skills, educational background, and technical expertise. You need to target potential candidates after considering your organization’s culture, needs, and goals.

The Society for Human Resource Management reported that, depending on the position, turnover resulting from a bad hire could cost your company as much as a quarter of a million dollars. Retaining talent relies on hiring the right talent in the first place—and you can do this by planning a recruiting strategy based on your company’s needs.

3. Strategic Action Plan

Successfully bringing new talent into your organization depends on a planned recruiting strategy. According to Forbes, 63 percent of small-business owners claimed they planned only a year ahead. While these short-term goals can keep an organization flexible, they can also lead to hasty hiring decisions, which can ultimately cost your company in terms of lost time and hiring budget.

We assess and analyze your organization’s needs to draw up a focused talent acquisition action plan. Our experts collaborate with your company’s hiring manager to identify the key technical skills, academic requirements, and soft skills needed to find the perfect-fit talent for you.

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4. Talent-Driven Execution

Brookwoods Group takes a results-driven collaborative approach to talent acquisition—we make sure our candidates are prepared before they ever step foot in your door. During our planning stage, we gain insight about your organization and prepare our candidates for their first days on the job.

Keeping your company culture and job requirements in mind, the talent we send to you is driven to achieve results and add value from the very beginning.

5. Continuous Engagement

A full-service recruiting firm’s job doesn’t end with the talent’s onboarding into your organization. Recruiting professionals focus mostly on candidate sourcing, interviewing, screening, recruiting, and continuing to offer their support long after the contract signing.

Our experienced account managers oversee the success of the hiring process, engage with your hiring managers, and get status updates on the new talent’s performance in your firm. By building a lasting relationship, we’re able to continue adding value to your company and providing help when you need it.

6. Goals Accomplished

Over 22 years, we’ve been successful in driving organizations forward by providing them value-adding hiring solutions. Our extensive research into finding the perfect fit for your company will continue to assist your business’s growth.

Brookwoods Group has helped countless organizations find top talent and place change management; continuous improvement; marketing and communications; health, safety, and environment; and quality assurance professionals with top companies in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

To work with our leading staffing, recruiting, and executive search firm, contact our recruiting experts to get started.