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Personalizing Your Talent Hunt With a Recruiting Firm

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on April 24, 2020

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Recruiting processes take several months and require a considerable budget. When you go through the process of finding, interviewing, vetting and hiring an employee, you want to be able to get the most value from the people you bring on board.

With employers spending over $4,000 on hiring, you want to get the highest return on your investment, and all that’s wasted when you bring on the wrong person.

How do you find the right professional, one who’ll add value to your team and fit into your organization’s culture? How do you tailor your recruiting process to lure the best candidates, reject the ones who are clearly not a good fit and make sure the right candidates make it to the later rounds of interviews?

If your organization is struggling at any step of the talent acquisition process, here’s how a staffing and recruiting firm can help you.

Focus on your brand

Your organization’s reputation is living everywhere. With employees constantly on the lookout for the best offers—and that doesn’t always mean more money—they consider every aspect of the position and the company. For as many as 69 percent of job seekers, a negative employer reputation can cause a prospect to reject a job offer.

An outside recruiting firm can tailor the recruiting process to make it easier to attract and qualify candidates for an open position. Companies with a strong brand identity spend up to 50 percent less per hire. Focusing on building a brand based upon a lofty mission with a clear vision and strong values can create an attractive culture that lures top candidates.

Know how to “sell” your company

Recruiting processes aren’t just about candidates proving their skills and experience. Top candidates know that they are in demand, so you have to “sell” your organization to them too.  This is true even for really good candidates that simply fit your culture and can add value.

A LinkedIn study of recruiting revealed that the primary obstacle for candidates is the inability to gauge what it’s like to work in an organization. You can address this concern by offering an immersive recruiting experience that gives a candidate an opportunity to “taste” the company culture and experience what it may be like to work there.

Targeting potential candidates with communications that reinforce the organization’s unique brand will help you attract the right people. In addition, your own employees will become ambassadors of your brand and bring in possible candidates from their own networks.

Your interview process should be a reflection of your brand and company values. Make sure the communication with candidates is streamlined and you promptly provide information that makes them feel more involved in the process. Talent Board’s survey of North American job candidates revealed that 74 percent of them would reapply to or refer an organization after a positive candidate experience.

Conversely, treating people badly during the recruiting process can have far-reaching negative effects on the brand. In fact, a study found that a bad hiring experience can cause 42 percent of job seekers to intentionally avoid purchasing the company’s services or products and 59 percent to advise others against applying there.

We advise candidates to present themselves in their best possible light AND to always be themselves.  If they win a job because they pretended to be someone they are not, it takes too much energy to maintain a façade, and the job unravels.  The same is true for a company or workgroup – present your company to candidates in the best possible light AND paint a real picture of the job, the workplace and the culture.

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Build lasting relationships

Building a talent pool of possible candidates can help you reach your recruiting goals faster and with more precision. These relationships, whether created through formal communications like newsletters or more informally through your employees’ networks and memberships in industry associations, can pay off in both brand recognition and more efficient recruiting.

With a solid recruiting process, the door doesn’t have to close when a candidate isn’t a good fit for an opening. Many companies have rejected candidates for one open position only to call them back to interview and eventually hire them for another position—further building a positive reputation and talent pool.

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