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Playing It Safe: How an Executive Staffing Agency Can Save You Both Time and Cost

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on July 18, 2019

Executive Staffing Agency

Many companies have begun to measure their success rate based on their triple-bottom-line (TBL) strategy. TBL is comprised of three factors: social, environmental and financial. It’s different from traditional reporting because it includes environmental and social factors that can be difficult to measure. Some companies refer to their TBL strategy as the three Ps: people, planet and profits (3Ps).

Of course, most companies still use traditional methods to measure success. When it comes to ascertaining company profits, managers are expected to show cost savings—and/or additional ROI— across the board before they can receive a pat on the back.

Costs regarding the hiring process are a big concern for companies today. Studies show that businesses spend about $4,000 per hire — and that many of them are willing to reimburse new employees on their student debt—just to attract the best talent to their organizations. But are there better, more efficient ways to recruit, hire and compensate employees?

Using a staffing and recruiting firm to help you find your perfect-fit employee can actually save you money. Here’s how:

1. Get the Right Employee

Workplace trends are changing, and not every company needs a full-time employee. Many companies work best with contract-based or program management employees. A staffing agency can help you find those people so you pay only for the services you really need.

2. Minimize Turnover

Recruitment agencies can find the right person for the right job. At Brookwoods Group, we have a process that helps us find those candidates that have both the hard skills and soft skills that match your company’s and/or your team’s culture. Good staffing firms will screen employees for the right skills and perform background checks that many HR departments struggle to take care of.

Training New Employees

3. Reduce the Costs of Training New Employees

Staffing agencies usually have a database of candidates, complete with information on their skills and capabilities. Hiring more experienced candidates helps them and your team get up to speed faster since these candidates don’t normally need as much training. With more experienced candidates joining your company, you’re saving on training costs and their work starts producing value sooner!

At Brookwoods Group, we’re committed to  recruiting only the best people who fit your company. As one of the leading marketing, staffing and recruiting agencies in Houston, we’ve been matching clients with the right people for the right job since 1998.