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Qualities to Look for in a Content Marketing Specialist

Posted By: John Sweney on November 2, 2022

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Content Marketing involves reaching out to your customers and prospects with information that is helpful and valuable, not merely promoting your company or its offerings. The blog you are reading right now is an example of content marketing.

Today, content marketing is considered one of the most valuable marketing strategies to tell a company’s story both online and offline. It includes creating content for email, newsletters, video, social media and white papers.

With the right content marketing specialist, your company can generate niche-focused content that follows your brand’s marketing strategies. Here are a few qualities our executive recruiters look for when finding the right professional for this position.

Creativity & Imagination

Every company wants to hire employees who think outside the box, but this is even more important when you’re searching for a content marketing specialist. There’s a sea of content out there that you’ll be competing with. How can you ensure your content stands out and gets your audience’s attention?

The answer: by hiring imaginative and innovative content marketing specialists. A candidate who displays the ability to think creatively and analyze things from unique perspectives provides great value to your overall marketing strategies. You need a creative person on your marketing team who knows how to approach different content mediums, keep the audience engaged and give your brand a competitive edge. This is why creativity is among the top qualities we look for when hiring content marketing specialists.

Top-Notch Research Skills

Your content marketing specialist should also have incredible research skills to add credibility to your brand. Content marketing isn’t just churning out one content piece after another. You need to carefully evaluate your customers’ demographics, interests, demands and needs to ensure you produce content that they find relevant and engaging.

A content marketing specialist with stellar research skills will know how to find the information they need to execute not just creative but accurate content. They’ll also identify the content gaps in your industry or marketing strategy, helping you realign your content development campaign. This will then help you create authoritative content that hits the mark.

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Exceptional Writing & Editing Skills

Whether your content marketing strategy involves creating written content, social media posts or videos, you need a content marketing specialist who’ll produce compelling copy. This means they must possess excellent writing and editing skills that’s free from grammatical or phrasing errors.

Poorly written copy with awkward phrasing, typos and grammatical errors affects your brand’s reputation. A content marketing specialist knows how to write engaging and authoritative copy across media and has a sharp eye for proofreading errors.

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