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Recruiting Gen Z: Strategies for Luring Your Future Executives

Posted By: Moses Robles on May 20, 2024

Five Gen Z employees working and talking on a purple sofa in an office

Gen Z, the digitally native generation born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, is entering the workforce and bringing a unique set of values and expectations to the table. If you want to stand out and snag the best of this generation, it’s time to revise the recruitment rulebook. Here’s your cheat sheet for cracking the Gen Z recruitment code:

Can’t Fake It; Be Authentic

Forget the days of cookie-cutter job descriptions written in corporate-speak and staged photos of handshakes in sterile boardrooms. Gen Z isn’t buying it. They crave authenticity and a sense of purpose.

Showcase your company culture through genuine social media content because that’s where Gen Z will go to find out more about your company. Let your employees be the stars. Share their stories and passions, and offer a glimpse into the heartbeat of your daily operations.

Ditch the jargon and write your job descriptions like you’d talk to a friend. Highlight the values that resonate with this generation: environmental responsibility, social impact, and a commitment to building something meaningful.

Speak Their Language

Gen Z isn’t scouring outdated job boards. They’re glued to their social media feeds. Expand your advertising reach beyond the usual media channels.

Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are goldmines for reaching Gen Z talent. Partner with relevant influencers who embody your brand values, or create engaging content that showcases the perks of working at your company: the collaborative brainstorming sessions, the fun team outings, the real, day-to-day culture.

Transparency Is the New Currency

Gen Z is skeptical, and rightly so. They see through a glossy marketing veneer.

Show them the real you. Highlight your commitment to social responsibility, diversity, equity, inclusion, and a healthy work-life balance. Be upfront about salary ranges and career development opportunities in your job descriptions.

Don’t just tell them your company is a great place to work—show them why. Let them see the potential for growth, the supportive environment, and the chance to make a real impact.

Attributes Reign Supreme

Gen Z employees jumping together outside a building

The days of worshipping a fancy degree from a prestigious university are fading. Gen Z candidates are known for attributes that translate into real-world results.

Look beyond skills and focus on identifying candidates with attributes for the job, regardless of their academic background. These include talent (their innate abilities), skills (things they’ve learned how to do), knowledge (things they know about), experience (things that they’ve done), attitude (how they approach things), and relationships (people they know). Too often employers just look at skills with skills-based assessments and experience (of which most entry-level candidates have minimal of both) and fail to look at talent, attitude, and knowledge. Remember, skills can be taught, and experience comes over time. Look at candidates’ potential.

Invest in Their Future, Invest in Yours

Gen Z is ambitious and driven. They crave growth and development. Don’t just hire them. Invest in them.

Highlight the extent of your real commitments to social responsibility, diversity, equity, inclusion, and a healthy work-life balance if you have a genuine reason to brag; don’t just put out a policy, post on Insta, hand out a t-shirt, and call it a commitment. Showcase your mentorship programs, training opportunities, and the potential for career advancement within your company.

By nurturing their talent and fostering their growth, you’ll build a future-proof workforce.

Embrace Flexibility

Gen Z prioritizes flexibility and a healthy work-life balance. Showcase your company’s commitment to remote work opportunities, flexible scheduling, and generous vacation policies. Highlight how your company culture allows them to thrive both professionally and personally. Let them know they can be high achievers while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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