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Should You Promote From Within or Hire From the Outside?

Posted By: Moses Robles on August 15, 2022

professional being hired from outside

Searching for a new candidate for a particular professional role can be daunting. The recruitment process is long and often tedious. According to a survey, it can take up to four months to fill even a mid-level role. And since there have been employee shortages, that can take even longer.

That's why a lot of companies are turning inward when looking for candidates. And while this seems like the best place to look, it has its pitfalls compared to looking outside the organization.

Hiring From Within

Internal recruitment has several advantages. For starters, it allows you to invest in your existing talent and encourage promising candidates to unlock their true potential. You can improve employee performance and increase retention by advancing from within.

Second, promoting existing employees also positively affects the rest of the team. It conveys that your organization recognizes and rewards high performance, encouraging employees to perform even better. It also conveys to them that there are opportunities for growth at your organization.

Moreover, hiring professionals internally reduces hiring costs almost to nothing. You may still have to invest in training sessions, applicant screening and other onboarding procedures, but the costs are significantly lower than if you recruit from the outside.

looking for the right-fit professional

Hiring External Candidates

As beneficial as internal hiring/promotions are, sometimes your company needs fresh faces and perspectives. It's especially important to bring in new candidates for leadership or managerial roles if your organization seems to have lost a bit of its swagger or the team simply isn't responding to its current leadership.

Furthermore, external recruitment allows you to attract professionals with the necessary technical skill sets needed for specific roles. Sometimes, training employees is much more tedious than simply hiring individuals already proficient in those particular skills.

In some cases, external hiring is also necessary to reach out to a larger candidate pool, especially if you're targeting specific skills or qualifications.

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