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Sorry, not Sorry

Posted By: Trish Cunningham on March 15, 2019

There’s a song by Sting that includes the words “every word you say…” (I know you just sang those words *grin*) and to that we’d like to offer the following:

“every word you say…” Defines your stance on issues.

“every word you say…” Defines how you position yourself from weakness or strength.

“every word you say…” Defines your interpretation of the world in front of you and behind you.

“every word you say…” Defines how you’ll be perceived by everyone in your life including family, friends, business colleagues.

“every word you say…” Tells everyone with whom you speak how you value your own self.

I’m sorry to tell you but sorry, NOT SORRY! That word is filler and you should delete it from your vocabulary. It is weak. It has no real meaning in the ways we throw it around on a daily basis. This article is dead on with how and why this word can kill a person in so many ways. Take a read and put it into practice.

You won’t be “sorry”!