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Ten Behaviors of GENUINE People

Posted By: John Sweney on July 1, 2015
Can you pick which one is genuine?

Can you pick which one is genuine?

Are you for real?

It’s a good question. It seems that truly genuine people are becoming harder to find. More importantly, I think many of us can find ourselves slipping farther away from our genuine selves as we get drawn into superficial friendships, meaningless business relationships and obligatory community activities. We can advance every day towards our more genuine selves, but it probably takes effort for most of us.

The first step, of course, is to recognize the important behavioral indicators.

Steve Tobak, an author, consultant and contributing editor to Entrepreneur magazine has outlined the Ten Behaviors of Genuine People as part of that magazine’s annual effort to identify high-performing business cultures. Genuine people:

  1.  don’t seek attention
  2.  are not concerned with being liked
  3.  can tell when others are full of it
  4.  are comfortable in their own skin
  5.  do what they say and say what they mean
  6.  don’t need a lot of stuff
  7.  are not thin-skinned
  8.  are not overly modest or overly boastful
  9.  are consistent
  10.  practice what they preach

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So my questions for you to ponder:

  • Which two or three of these areas offers the greatest opportunity for improvement in YOU?
  • Do you know anyone in your life that comes close to being truly genuine?

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