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The 3 C’s Most Critical in Your Potential Employee Search

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on February 28, 2021

Most organizations know that their most important assets are their people. Your enterprise’s success fully depends on your employees and their desire and ability to deliver on your mission, vision, and values. That makes human resources the core of how your company executes on its promises.

The hiring process can be stressful for parties on both sides of the desk. The hiring manager wants to find the right person and has to ask the right questions and make tough decisions. Candidates are anxious because they think that they’re the right person for the job, but want to make sure it’s the right fit for them. Moreover, there’s no exact science to hiring. While it’s good to have a highly structured process in place, there are still no guarantees you’ll end up finding the right person for the job.

So let’s bring a little simplicity and clarity to the hiring process. At Brookwoods Group, we focus on the three C’s—capability, chemistry, and character—when we’re managing employee searches for our clients. For hundreds of companies across Texas, this approach has yielded dividends.


This is, of course, a major factor to consider when assessing and interviewing a candidate. But what does capability entail? It means that a professional has the requisite skills, education, and experience to successfully fulfill the tasks that would be assigned to them as part of their job profile.

This is actually the low-hanging fruit of recruiting, since capabilities are easily outlined on a resume. But it’s sometimes not easy to find a candidate who ticks all of your capability boxes. And even if you find one, they still has to learn the specifics of a new environment. What’s important is that the person have a good foundation on which you can build, be a quick learner, and see opportunities instead of obstacles when presented with a dilemma.


The next “C” that we’ll discuss is chemistry. Does the candidate fit in with the culture and values of your organization? Will they get along with the other members of your team? Maybe the role being recruited for requires the person to work without any external input. Is the candidate self-motivated and capable of working alone? Or will they function well as a member of a larger team, if needed? Does the candidate naturally hold the same values as your organization; if not, can they acclimate rapidly?


This brings us to the last “C,” which is character. This includes someone’s work ethic, honesty, and trustworthiness.  Does they have the confidence to take initiative and the courage to take ownership of issues? Is the candidate a natural leader who seems to get what you’re trying to do and take action before being told? Will they have a problem following instructions? The candidate’s character evaluation doesn’t typically show up on paper, but it can reveal itself during background checks and conversations with references.


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