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The 3 Soft Skills Every Marketing Team Lead Should Have

Posted By: Debbie Milks on January 12, 2022

The right marketing lead can help your business create the right products, sell them at the right price, put them in the right place, and create the right promotions to help your company grow. As they carefully manage your marketing team, your business will reap the benefits of better ideas executed with a higher level of expertise.A marketing team lead delivering a presentation

As you continue your search or selection for a new marketing lead, make sure you use the right approach. For starters, place equal importance on hard and soft skills. In this blog, we’ll focus on the latter. Here are three soft skills every marketing team lead should possess.

1. Communication

Yes, marketing people need to be able to communicate with their direct-reports, their executive leadership, and each other. You need superior interpersonal skills to help you execute your ideas with your team and other stakeholders. You also need acute writing skills to communicate with others, and you need presentation skills to close the deal on pushing your ideas forward.

Strong communication can make or break a business and your career. If your marketing team lead cannot effectively communicate with team members, instructions may be misunderstood, blunders may be made, and team productivity may go down.

Make sure your marketing lead is an effective and empathetic leader. They should be adept at maintaining strong and consistent communication with their team while treating them as equals and being respectful.

2. Problem-Solving

The marketing department is recognized for its fast-paced nature. As new ideas flow in and outdated strategies take a backseat, there’s a constant state of flux that can result in a lot of problems. This shouldn’t alarm you. However, if problems go unaddressed, that’s a big red flag.

Your marketing team lead should be able to identify and resolve problems—no matter how small or complex. This requires another secondary soft skill: attention to detail. Detail-oriented professionals don’t leave problems undetected. They identify and solve them effectively, promptly, and consistently.

3. Creativity

A marketing team lead introducing a new idea to her teamWhile marketing team members must be creative, team leads should also share this soft skill. Effective marketing requires excellent creative skills. A creative team lead will devise new strategies and help your business break through the noise.

Marketing is all about standing out and making an impact—a task reliant on creativity. Your company will flourish as your team lead steers your business in new directions and takes strong initiatives.

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