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The Added Value of Recruiting for Inclusion and Diversity in Marketing

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on August 17, 2020

Becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies today. When organizations understand the societal and financial value that a more diverse workforce brings to the bottom line, they realize that diversity is more than just a buzzword—it’s a way to become a better, more competitive entity in their marketplace.

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By recruiting talent from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles at all levels of the organizational hierarchy, companies gain access to a comprehensive variety of perspectives and viewpoints. This variety enhances the organization’s ability to explore new solutions and identify business opportunities that they may never have considered before.

How “Diversity” and “Inclusion” Differ From Each Other, and How They’re Interdependent

The terms “Diversity” and “inclusivity” are often used interchangeably. However, they mean different things. Employers are often just focused on adding more people to their staff who are more diverse than those they have now, but overlook laying the necessary company culture foundations that enable diversity to flourish.

Whether it’s adding more African Americans, more Hispanics, or more women, hiring for diversity is something that companies may already be doing. But once the new employees come onboard, they find that the culture may not have changed to take advantage of new thinking. This stagnation makes retaining a diverse workforce difficult.

Companies need to foster a culture of inclusivity in which everyone’s contributions and opinions are valued and everyone gets an equal opportunity to grow and advance.

The Business Benefits of Having a Diverse and Inclusive Staff

It’s important to have an inclusive and diverse staff for reasons that go way beyond the idea that it’s “the right thing to do.” Inclusivity and diversity are critical for a competitive advantage as they’re closely tied to greater levels of innovation and better business performance.

Organizations that are highly inclusive generate 140% more revenue and are 1.2 times more capable of achieving financial goals. Companies that are highly inclusive and diverse are also 180% more likely to be change-ready, and 170% more likely to be innovation leaders in their market.

Helping Candidates of Diverse Backgrounds Find Your Company

Achieving workforce diversity and inclusivity depends on how successful you are in helping professionals of different backgrounds find your organization and thrive there. This is where the services of a reputable recruiting agency can help. Recruiting firms offer employers access to a wider, more diverse pool of talent, and can help them find professionals who not only are a perfect fit for the organization, but also add to the diversity of their staff.


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