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The Best Reasons for New Businesses to Work with a Staffing Agency

Posted By: Moses Robles on April 30, 2021

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As the economy emerges from the pandemic, experts expect a surge in the opening of new companies, which will contribute to unprecedented economic growth for years to come. And new companies will prompt an increased demand for talent—both contract and full time.

Contract staffing will emerge as the driving force behind staffing solutions in all areas of business. Company leaders will need to find the best talent they can as soon as they can in order to meet goals and seize on market opportunities. Despite the presence of more applicants in the job market, companies still struggle to find suitable candidates with skills that fit their recruitment criteria.

Management recruiting agencies such as Brookwoods Group have been playing a massive role in helping businesses close the gap between the rigorous, time-consuming recruitment process and finding the perfect employee for a particular position. Here’s why working with a recruitment agency makes sense when you’re trying to scale quickly.

Using a Staffing Firm Saves Time

Professional staffing firms keep up to date with the trends in different industries and understand which companies need to find the right people who’ll fill their open positions and that can help push their organizations forward. They work closely with companies to understand their goals, their culture, and just what types of professionals they’ll need within a given time period.

With a staffing firm, companies no longer have to spend extensive hours posting jobs, screening resumes, and evaluating dozens of candidates—not to mention handling recruiting paperwork. A staffing agency handles the administrative task for them and sends over the evaluations of those professionals who are ready to contribute immediately.

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Staffing Firms Have Recruiting Expertise

Staffing firms such as Brookwoods Group work with internal companies’ human resource departments to find the most qualified candidates who can step in immediately and make an impact on their business. For businesses without an internal human resource department, they act as a de facto HR department, taking care of the process to find the right people required to fill essential roles.

Staffing Firms Provide Flexible Solutions

For growing companies that need to stay flexible, contract staffing makes sense since the professionals are full-time employees of Brookwoods Group, complete with benefits and taxes already covered under the hourly rate. The professional shows up for the assigned work and Brookwoods Group takes care of the rest, again, including benefits and taxes.  a woman with employeesIf the company needs to be able to scale headcounts up or down before the business “gets traction,” contract staffing allows the company to adjust the hours according to its budget and workloads.

If you’re looking for professional staffing firm in Austin to help step in with contract staffing or fill an important direct-hire position at your company, reach out to us at Brookwoods Group. We’re a leading staffing firm in Houston, offering contract and direct-hire staffing solutions to bring you the professionals you need to move your business forward. Contact us here to begin the process of finding the perfect-fit people.