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The Smart Way to Grow Your Corporate Communications Team

Posted By: Debbie Milks on August 1, 2022

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Your company’s corporate communications team is responsible for bridging the gap between the organization and the public. It’s also responsible for bridging the gap between management and the workforce, helping departments and internal teams stay connected.

Here are a few ways you can grow your corporate communications team and put the right people in place to succeed:

Introduce Them to the Latest Business Communications Tools

Technology is revolutionizing the way we communicate making us more efficient and keeping us connected in the office. Of course we all know Zoom and other videoconferencing technology, but there are other project management software that can keep your team on the same page. The sooner you introduce your department to the latest digital communications tools, the stronger your team will be. Project management platforms allow you to manage projects and related tasks. (If you don’t already have a project management platform, check out Capterra for software evaluations and comparisons to see what could fit your situation.). It simplifies the communications process keeping everyone on the same page. Some of them allow you to integrate with your email so that there is one central collection of communications.

New business tools that encourage meaningful collaboration among departments benefits your corporate communications team, facilitating internal and external collaborative work. However, too many tools can be an overkill and even hurt productivity if team members have to source different channels to access information or status on projects. Weigh the benefits of new tech versus the negative impact and decide what works best for your team.

Encourage Ideas and Share Feedback

Employees value feedback both providing it and receiving it. Top performers want to know how they can improve and learn new ways to enhance their performance, especially in collaborative roles like those involved in corporate communications. Similarly, they also want a certain level of freedom for creative thinking and innovation.

Corporate communications trends and practices keep evolving. Encourage your team to bring new ideas to the table, share their thoughts on your strategies, and embrace constructive criticism and feedback.

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Invest in Great Leaders

If you don’t have the right person managing your corporate communications team, then it’s not performing at its peak.

Effective leadership is crucial for your company’s corporate communications department. After all, the team is responsible for collaborating with internal and external stakeholders and presenting the best image of your organization. It can’t do that if it’s being led by someone who’s unable to connect with team members and can’t keep everyone on the same page. Leadership styles vary, but you need to ensure your company’s corporate communications team is managed by someone who has the experience and expertise needed to motivate employees and help them focus on the big picture.

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