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The Value of Bringing a Specialty Firm When Hiring

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on April 4, 2019

“Use a specialized recruiting and staffing firm!”

Brookwoods Group preaches this on a daily basis but when we have a seasoned communications leader like MaryJane Mudd speak about it after working with our team on multiple occasions, we are humbled and excited! Many staffing and recruiting firms have vast turnover, whereas Brookwoods Group has a long-tenured team that continuously stays current within the professional associations in their space of marketing, communications, and change management.  This provides a strong foundation of knowledge that we build upon year over year.

The ability to build solid relationships has proven to be key to the success at Brookwoods Group for over 20 years. That, along with the interview process and scoping of the assignments so thoroughly, allows Brookwoods Group to provide hiring solutions — even very difficult solutions — for our clients. We’d love to do the same for you!