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Tips on How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Posted By: David Drake on August 2, 2018

We cannot stress enough how important it is to be ready to make your very best first impression when going on job interviews.

This article, “Use This 15-Minute Checklist to Prepare for a Job Interview”, by Rich Bellis in Fast Company magazine hits on some great points, i.e. know your interviewer(s) and the company you want to work for and practice both questions to ask and answers to common questions you’ll likely be asked. But we don’t think you should stop your interview prep there.

Our highly experienced team at Brookwoods Group takes interview prep even further to ensure our candidates gain an advantage by being extremely comfortable and well-prepared. First off, we bring candidates in for a series of professional interviews with our recruiters so that we can evaluate how well a candidate performs and then make suggestions on how they can improve going forward. We recommend that our candidates have examples of their work and accomplishments easily accessible during the interview and to be prepared to talk about accomplishments as it relates to what will be required in the position for which they are interviewing. We stress the importance of having a flawless, professional appearance, including clean clothes and shoes, impeccable hygiene, scent-free, a great smile and attitude, maintaining good eye contact, and above all, having an inquisitive demeanor and an upbeat attitude, because personal opinions are generally formed within the first minute or two of meeting.

And, we can’t stress enough how important it is to be punctual. We advise every candidate to ensure that they arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled interview time, so they are not rushed and have time to fill out any necessary paperwork, leaving time to breathe for a few minutes before starting their interview(s).

We know that having the best qualifications alone doesn’t guarantee that you’ll land your dream job, but making the best impression in the interview can prove to be the deciding factor in who gets the job.  And we always want to make sure that the ‘right’ person ends up in every job we’re filling.

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