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Top 3 Tips to Source and Retain the Top Talent in Any Industry

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on February 24, 2021

When it comes to recruiting top talent, it’s not always about the money. Of course, the compensation package needs to be competitive, but money is not the key deciding factor for most leaders and future leaders of your company. That’s why companies in all industries have been focusing on fostering a unique workplace culture for their employees that shows that the company cares about their overall satisfaction and well-being at work.

recruiter shaking hands with candidate

This means implementing programs that promote mental, emotional, and physical wellness, from workload management and career development to financial and health wellness programs.

When it comes to recruiting and retaining the very best talent today, thankfully, there are a few effective practices that companies can implement—some fairly easily. Here are three of them.

Offer Work Flexibility

The modern workforce is comprised of numerous generations, including millennials, baby boomers, and now Generation Z. Each group values benefits differently. For instance, boomers value health care coverage more than Generation Z does, while the younger workers value work flexibility that allows them to have work-life balance.

Before COVID-19, these benefits included work-from-home opportunities. Post COVID-19, working from home has reached such a level of normalcy that being able to do so is now expected—most companies are adopting work-from-home policies and benefiting from increased productivity. Some companies give new parents paid leave so their transition into parenthood is easier. Offering flexible work schedules is another notable benefit, as it allows employees to adjust their schedules so they can run errands or take care of appointments without being penalized.

Provide Career Advancement Programs

Growing your own talent has numerous benefits, ranging from the economic advantages of not having to recruit from the outside to nurturing a positive company culture. Imagine starting at a company in an entry-level position knowing that the CEO began his or her career in the exact same position.

Companies that expand their staff by investing in their workers make them feel more secure and confident about their immediate and future role within the business. When you invest in your employees’ career development, it makes your team more productive while creating loyalty and longevity among those you may consider future leaders.

Go Beyond Just the Basics

In a time when many companies are cutting costs by limiting the number of employee benefits, offering a robust package is an effective way of attracting and retaining top talent. A good example is supplemental insurance policies, such as those for critical illness, cancer, and disability, which allow employees to tailor their benefits package according to their unique lifestyle and needs.

If you’re going to start requiring that employees spend more time at the office, make it a place worth spending time. Many companies have added recreation rooms and coffee bars and provide free food. These benefits help make time at the office less of a requirement and more pleasant, adding to morale and productivity.


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