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Top Talent Trends for 2016

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on January 12, 2016

An executive search firm has compiled its list of the top five talent trends expected for 2016, based on conversations with their clients:

  1. Talent analytics: More companies will rely on "big data" as they decide where to look for talent and how to determine if candidates fit the job.
  2. Millennials: More companies are trying to figure out how to accommodate and motivate the new workforce -- the folks who will be running our companies for the next 40 years or so.
  3. Diversity: More companies are evolving into living examples of diversity in action, not merely forging an artificially diverse workplace.
  4. Culture and engagement: More companies are leveraging their true company culture as a tool to boost productivity and retain their people.
  5. Human resources: More companies are looking to their HR departments to add value beyond hiring people and managing benefits.
    To this, we would add:
  6. Fit is paramount:  More companies are seeing that talent, skill, knowledge and experience are important, but a great fit for new hires is most important for long-term success.  If a worker has a great attitude, looks out for the interests of the company and their co-workers, communicates well and is willing to pitch in for anything, then new skills and knowledge can be taught.  Those other intangibles cannot be easily instilled after the fact.

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