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Want to Accelerate Talent Acquisition? Here Are Some Strategies That May Work

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on August 13, 2020

Finding the right talent for your organization—someone who checks the necessary boxes—takes time. Skills, experience, and education have always been important, but while companies look to the future, they see the value in building a culture. And that means going beyond the bullet points of a well-constructed and thoughtfully designed resume. It means getting deeper into soft skills—into what makes a candidate a good cultural fit. This process takes time, but there are ways to expedite the hiring process to bring the right people to your organization in a timely manner.

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So what do you do when an important executive position opens up? Here are some tried-and-tested talent-acquisition strategies that will significantly reduce the stress on you and your team while accelerating your search.

Create Job Descriptions That Are Unique as Well as Accurate

Every job description starts with the title. If your company has been using job titles that are unheard of anywhere else, that’s fine if they are contributing to the company culture. Many innovative companies break the norm with their own job titles, but sometimes candidates don’t know what position they’re applying for. If your company isn’t “fun,” don’t adopt fun titles. Consider changing them to industry-standard titles, or at least add the industry-standard title somewhere in the job description. The better an applicant understands what they’re applying for, the higher the chances of the description resonating with them.

The next step involves bringing in the departing employee (if the situation is amiable), the hiring manager, or anyone else who can improve your knowledge of the position. Collect all the information these sources provide, take a step back, and look at the compiled data from a candidate’s perspective. Does the job description provide candidates with all the information needed to decide whether this is the right role for them? If it does, you’re on the right track. This will free up time, which you can then allocate to more important tasks, such as collaborating with hiring teams and coaching candidates.

Utilize Recruiting Marketing Technologies

When it comes to accelerating talent acquisition, be sure to automate your recruiting process as much as you can. Some software programs will allow you to set reminder emails, social media updates, blog posts, and newsletters to send or post on a regular schedule or when certain predefined parameters are met.

Work With a Reputable Recruiting Agency

When time is of the essence, a great recruiting agency can help expedite the process. The best recruiting agencies have access to a much wider pool of talent compared to individual companies. Recruiting firms also take the time to understand the values and goals of your enterprise so that they can find talented professionals who are a perfect fit for your company, which improves the chances of long-term hiring success.

Brookwoods Group has helped countless organizations find top talent who are a perfect fit for their companies’ needs by leveraging value-added hiring solutions. To work with our leading staffing, recruiting, and executive search firm in Houston, Austin, or San Antonio, contact our recruiting experts to get started.