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What Is Contract Staffing and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on October 2, 2019

Contract Staffing

The modern workplace is continually evolving. In some situations, your business may not be ready for a full-time, permanent employee. But things still have to get done. Is an independent contractor worth a shot, or should you look into contract staffing?

What is contract staffing?

Contract staffing is when an employee of a staffing company works with a client company full-time for a set period to complete a project or a particular task at an agreed rate of pay (hourly daily or monthly). Some people refer to contract staffing as contract recruitment, flexible staffing or staff outsourcing.

4 ways contract staffing benefits your business:

1. It provides qualified talent.

Instead of having to train a new or inexperienced worker from scratch, your business can start working with an experienced professional who typically has a minimal learning curve. Contract staffing companies like Brookwoods Group can provide your business with quick and reliable solutions that meet your talent and recruitment requirements. Staffing companies usually take care of all the interviewing, background checking and compensation, so you don’t have to. In the case of Brookwoods Group, they are our employee working for you.

2. It’s cost-effective.

Unlike regular staffing solutions, client companies don’t need to stress over payroll, bonuses, hiring and recruitment-related costs. With Brookwoods Group, we handle all the administrative and monetary matters, so all you do is make payments to us and we take care of the employee for the work they do.

3. It’s flexible.

Contract staffing means that we provide you with only the services you need. So, if your business is crunched for staff and needs some help with a project or to replace a key person temporarily, Brookwoods Group can place the right-fit person to get the job done.

4. It reduces client liability.

Whether you have part-time workers or full-time employees, you know you’re responsible for their safety, security, compensation and post-employment benefits. With contract staffing, all these responsibilities shift to the staffing company.

Call us for contract staffing.

Brookwoods Group provides its clients with hassle-free professional contract staffing. All of our candidates work for us and are handpicked to ensure they match your goals, requirements and company culture. We take care of everything from employee benefits and health insurance to employee deductions and paid holidays.

We also provide advertising, marketing, management and recruitment services to clients in Austin, Texas.

Get in touch with us today to kick-start the process.