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Why Not Offering at Least a Hybrid Work-from-Home Option Will Cost You Great Talent

Posted By: Marilyn Emanuel on April 1, 2022

A hybrid business model isn’t a new concept, but it has definitely gained popularity during the pandemic. Essentially, it refers to a working arrangement where employees can choose to work from home (remotely) or from the office (on-site) on some or all days of the week.

a woman working from home

Here are why you should embrace some form of hybrid working option for your business:

Some Employees Are Willing to Take a Pay Cut

Companies across the country are acknowledging the new reality that many of their top employees may jump ship for jobs that offer less pay but include a remote working option. Many professionals may switch jobs and settle for lower pay, saving money on fuel and transport, not to mention quality of life advantages.

The flexibility and convenience offered by remote working models are far too tempting and can have even your best employees looking for a new job if you refuse to provide a hybrid model. And even if you do adopt a hybrid model, many employees may still leave your company for lower pay for a better hybrid model with another company. This trend affects every position from junior level to senior management.

Applicants Are Looking for Hybrid Models

While you may not have expected job applicants to inquire about hybrid models and remote working options in the pre-pandemic days, this subject almost always comes up in job interviews now. Just like recruiters, applicants have a checklist of what they want from their employers. One of the items on this checklist is flexibility via remote working.

If you don’t offer some sort of a hybrid model, you might be driving away potential stars. In fact, many job seekers may not even apply for a role at your organization because of this very reason, despite being qualified for the position. The pandemic necessitated the need for workers to work from home and now they like it so much that it has carried over into the recovery. They’re likely not giving it up anytime soon.

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Employees Want Autonomy

Not every task needs to be done at the office for it to be successful. You don’t micromanage your employees at the workplace (at least you shouldn’t if you hire the right people), so why try to do it in a hybrid plan?

Having a hybrid model in place lets your employees know that you trust them and their decision-making abilities. It gives them a certain level of autonomy, boosting employee satisfaction and morale. Of course, you can have a certain system in place to streamline operations and get the work done effectively without coming across as inflexible.

At Brookwoods Group, we allow each staff employee to work from home up to two days per week. We require that they:

  1. a) schedule the days they work from home in advance,
  2. b) document their productivity, and
  3. c) log into the Teams app for collaboration.

Our firm’s executive recruiters in Houston also helps organizations find the best candidates for executive roles. Get in touch with our top executive staffing agency near Austin for more details.