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Work is No Place for Errors

Posted By: Trish Cunningham on July 18, 2018

Brookwoods Group reads many articles focused on communicating to both internal and external audiences and have we seen some ERROR DOOZIES along the way. I, personally, am fortunate because my good friend Greg Clock lets me know if we’ve ever missed anything via email and we immediately correct the embarrassingly unseen pre-posting error – and that is often times after several sets of eyes have reviewed the text. (Thanks Greg!)

It is true that we can be too close to our own work to catch our errors. I agree with each of these 4 tips in this short article and would offer another because I learned to read upside down and backward since my sister would read to me as we sat cross-legged on the floor knee to knee. I was literally leaning over the book following her finger along as she read. I can edit the work of others upside down and backward but I will never edit my own. There’s a reason for that – we become anesthetized to our own work and the errors are invisible to us most of the time.

#5. If all the other tips don’t work, turn it all upside down and go from bottom to top backward!

I hope this provides kind reminders that the written word holds more power than we give credence to and it must be grammatically correct because once it’s out there it never goes away. Take time and effort before hitting POST. That extra time may save you face in the long run!