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See the overview of our hiring process at “our process” or click HERE.

At this point, you should already have sent your resume to us and one of our recruiters has asked you to provide more in-depth information about yourself.

Yes, taken all together, it is a lot to do. But keep in mind that we go to similar lengths to get to know our client companies very well, so in the end we are more likely to identify a great professional opportunity for you!


  • Contact Information

  • Employment Profile (Application)

    Please download our Employment Profile Form (PDF) HERE, fill it out by hand and sign it, and either email a scan to, or fax it to 832-200-8980.

  • References

    Please note that we will ask for your references at a later step. Please have your references and the CURRENT e-mail addresses handy at that time.
  • Personal Summary

    Please download our Personal Summary document (RTF) HERE, fill it out on your computer, and either upload it below or email to
  • Personality Profile

    Finally, please complete our online Personality Profile using your unique URL your recruiter has provided you.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.