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ideas for communications

SXSW 2012 Industry Insight: SavvyCard

Daud Power of SavvyCard announces an outbound marketing and personal branding tool...

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SXSW 2012 Industry Insight: iTriage

Kevin Wanek describes a mobile healthcare application for consumers...

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SXSW 2012 Industry Insight: XOMO

Alex Ackermans describes a new user tool for conferences and events...

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The Power of the Hashtag

Hashtags have become incredibly popular since the birth of Twitter. It makes sense that businesses would want to...

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Set Yourself Apart From Others in the World of Social Media

Jay's idea of creating a stalker list is a great idea...

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Mobile Viewing on the Rise; Video Will Help Bring Users to You!

A recent study by Cisco states that video traffic accounts for more than half of the wireless data usage and is expected to grow...

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You Can Write Great E-Mails!

For newcomers and seasoned e-mailers alike, here are guidelines for great e-mails that allow your message to stand out and get results!

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How To Have A Successful Volunteer Organization

Successful volunteer organization have the "Four G's": Gather, Grow, Give and Get!

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How To Persuade An Audience

Many of us are asked to speak before groups. Here are tips to make it easier for you and help assure that your presentation is both effective and persuasive.

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