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Corporate Communications

CommunicationsBrookwoods Group Knows the Corporate Communications Industry and How to Recruit to Match the Right People with the Right Companies.

At Brookwoods Group, our expert staffing and recruiting professionals in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas, will leverage our proprietary process to match you with the best executive talent that has the experience, skills and cultural fit for your organization.

The rules of business have changed and the role of corporate communications has been transformed by digital and social media as well as by the demand for greater transparency. These trends have been made more complex by new communications technologies as company leaders are subjected to instantaneous and viral stakeholder scrutiny.

We partner with clients to examine their business environment and assess the contribution of communications to their business plan, evaluate their existing organization and recruit the key communications executives they need.

Our corporate communications headhunters know that the ideal employee has a combination of deep industry knowledge, a wide skill set, and experience with both traditional and digital media.

Whether you need full-time or contract or recruitment in corporate communications (or program management services), we’ll help you hire professionals at all levels, from community relations coordinators and employee communicators, to HR communications managers, investor relations directors, directors of public affairs and vice presidents of communications.  We have filled all these roles before for all sizes of companies from some of the largest companies in the world to smaller,  faster-growing startups.

If you’re looking for internal or external communications talent, they must be familiar with the various media they’ll be working in. They’ll also need to be persuasive when necessary and have excellent planning, organizational and writing skills.

Brookwoods Group understands the importance of both tangible skills and intangible qualities when recruiting the right talent for your organization. Every company is different, which is why we apply our proprietary process to help us gain insight into our clients’ culture and the type of candidate who will be successful at your unique company and within your extraordinary workgroups.

As a leading staffing agency for communications professionals, we don’t just find people to fill in your firm’s talent gaps; we make sure they are a fit with the values of both your company and the team they’ll be joining.

Corporate communications plays an important role in the success of your company, so we find the right people who will contribute to its long term growth.

Call us and let us find the right fit for your team.