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The Art of Living a Winning Employer Brand in Today's Job Market

Posted By: Moses Robles on March 21, 2024

A group of workers smile and cheer in their office

A compelling employer brand has a magnetic power that pulls great professionals into its orbit. Your brand is the silent conversation between your company and stakeholders, including customers, vendors, and peers—but most of all, potential talent—that takes place long before an interview is scheduled or an offer is made.

How can you sculpt an employer brand that speaks authentically and attracts decisively? Let’s delve into the nuances.

Understanding Employer Brand

Employer branding is part of your overall company branding efforts that communicate both visually and verbally your unique standing in the marketplace. You communicate your brand to customers, vendors, and investors, but you also communicate it to current and future employees—the very people you will expect to be ambassadors of your brand. It’s the art and science of making your company desirable to potential employees. It’s how you craft and communicate the essence of your organization’s identity as a place of employment.

This brand effort encompasses everything from the tangible benefits you offer to the intangible feelings of belonging and purpose that come from being part of your team. It’s directly tied to your company’s mission, vision, and values.

A strong employer brand doesn’t just appear; it’s carefully built and maintained through consistent and guarded messaging, experiences, and the lived reality of your employees. It’s your reputation as an employer in the marketplace. It influences those looking to join your team and those who already have.

In today's marketplace, where experiences are shared widely and opinions are formed quickly, understanding and strategically developing your employer branding are essential to attracting and retaining the right talent.

Aligning Brand with Company Values

The heart of a compelling employer brand lies in its authenticity (which stems from a deep alignment with your company's values).

Your values are the compass that guides every aspect of your business, ranging from decision-making to daily interactions. When your employer brand reflects these values, it resonates with individuals who share them. You'll attract candidates who are looking not just for a job but for a place where they can contribute to something they believe in—a higher calling, if you will.

Aligning your brand with your values means showing these values in action through your policies, your corporate social responsibility initiatives, your approach to work-life balance, and how you treat your employees.

Communicating Culture

Culture is the lifeblood of your company. It influences how work gets done, how people interact, and how challenges are met.

Communicating this culture as part of your employer brand means going beyond buzzwords and showcasing real stories and examples of your culture in action. You must paint a picture of daily life at your company, the milestones celebrated, the challenges overcome as a team, and the moments that make your company a unique place to work.

This communication can take many forms, e.g., social media posts and videos, employee testimonials, behind-the-scenes looks at company events, and so on. By vividly and authentically communicating your culture, you give potential candidates a window into what being part of your team would be like. You help them envision a future within your organization.

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Employee Advocacy

Two employees smile as a coworker brings them coffee at their desk.

Employee advocacy emerges as a potent dimension of modern employer branding; it transforms satisfied employees into brand ambassadors.

This grassroots approach to branding is powerful because it harnesses authentic voices and real experiences to showcase the company's culture and values. Employees share their day-to-day experiences, achievements, and milestones across their personal networks. This enhances the company's image as a desirable employer and extends its reach to potential candidates within employees' social circles who may not have been accessible through traditional recruitment channels.

For employee advocacy to be effective, companies must cultivate a positive workplace culture that genuinely motivates employees to speak highly of their experiences. Additionally, providing employees with the tools and incentives to share their stories can further amplify a company's employer brand.

Leveraging Social Media

Social media is a pivotal platform for amplifying an employer brand. It provides a way to broadcast your company culture, celebrate achievements, and engage with both potential candidates and current employees.

Platforms like LinkedIn, X, Instagram, and Facebook allow for a diverse range of content. The key to leveraging social media effectively is consistency and authenticity. Content should be regular and reflect the true essence of the company culture.

Be Real

Crafting a winning employer brand is like building a legacy. It's how you tell your story, share your values, and ultimately make every employee feel like an integral part of something meaningful.

In terms of metaphors, it’s not a “Chicken & Egg;” it’s a “Cart-Before-the-Horse.” You cannot CREATE your company culture in brainstorming and offsite meetings, then COMMUNICATE your company culture with t-shirts, seminars and social media, then try to LIVE your company culture in an authentic way.

Some organizations try to do this; you probably still have the t-shirt.

The only effective way to have a worthy and attractive employer brand is to LIVE it first. How? Make your product or do your service well; hire great people; invest in the tools your employees need; reward employees for accomplishment; and communicate frequently, transparently, and openly with your customers, employees, and partners. Then your company culture will naturally emerge, and you will start to see what resonates authentically (versus what flared up and fizzled out from the latest business management best seller).

Reinforce what is genuine and what works through communications if you like, but in the end, your actions will drive your reputation and your reputation will attract the employees and customers that fit with you. This is about growing real grass from the roots, not covering the ground with AstroTurf.

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