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Why Hire Baby Boomers, Part 2

Posted By: Debbie Milks on March 8, 2016

Two senior business colleagues at meeting, close-up

We decided to go with someone younger. Was that your first job out of college listed on your resume?  You are overqualified. We can’t afford your salary.  Why are you applying for this type of role when you have been a director in previous position?

We have witnessed many of these questions and hiring thoughts from clients, although I will admit I haven’t heard anyone say they decided to go with someone younger, but the article that SHRM (Society of Human Resource Managers) has that comment listed it in their article:

I can tell you – there are many baby boomers out there who quite honestly would welcome a job that isn’t as stressful or pressing as managing a team of 100 employees or making strategic decisions all day long. Some have been there and done that!

Hiring managers often struggle with “why” would you want to do this? If they are capable and you pass them up for an opportunity because you think the job is below their experience, I would suggest you spend a little time confirming their decision to apply for an individual contributor type of job.

As suggested in the SHRM article, maybe they are new to town, or re-entering the workforce after a period of unemployment, or from our experience they don’t want to manage any longer. They just want to stay active in their profession.

Don’t reject the baby boomer because of your assumptions; you might be leaving talent on the table that can improve your overall team performance.  View our earlier posting – Do Not Overlook Baby Boomers for even more reasons to consider all of the talent available including those born before 1964.