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August Events

Networking in August!

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David Drake Elected to Leadership Role in ASSE

New Board Vice President...

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John Sweney Named CEO Communicator of the Year

Brookwoods Group co-founder and CEO John Sweney has been honored by the PRSA Houston Chapter as its CEO Communicator of the Year

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HBJ Contributor: Keep Your Best Employees From Leaving!

Brookwoods Group CEO John Sweney outlines steps to keep your best employees from walking out the door during any downturn...

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NPR Morning Edition: Energy Workers Fear Layoffs

Brookwoods Group COO Debbie Milks is in NPR Morning Edition broadcasts, noting that some professionals are willing to take pay cuts to switch to an industry that is less cyclical.

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HBJ Contributor: How Millennials Can Be Leaders

Brookwoods Group CEO John Sweney is an Expert Contributor to the Houston Business Journal with the article, How Millennials can be leaders in corporate life.

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