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The Rise of AI in Recruiting

Posted By: Lionel Simmons on March 20, 2023

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For years, finding the right candidates in demanding talent pools has been the biggest challenge for employers. Fifty-four percent of talent acquisition professionals reveal that identifying the right candidates from extensive talent pools is one of the most complex aspects of their job. However, AI-powered recruiting has gained enormous traction in the last decade as human resource managers look to gain more efficiency with better-fit professionals.

At its core, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to using technology to carry out or simulate manual tasks. It can include everything from complex decision-making to simplified pattern recognition. Modern-age recruiters also leverage the technology to improve short-listing efficiency, make resume screening fair, and increase hiring efficiency.

When used properly, AI-powered recruiting tools add a layer of intelligence to the hiring process while reducing the need for redundant and time-consuming manual tasks.

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Implementing AI-powered recruiting technologies in talent acquisition goes way beyond accessing the data of countless candidates. AI tools help companies find the right candidates fit for the job. However, it’s important to note that while AI technology has improved and transformed many traditional recruiting processes, human interaction is still integral to making the recruiting process work.

Major Uses of AI Technology in Talent Acquisition

#1- Job Posting

AI has enabled employers to obtain better results with more precisely targeted ads. Using programmatic advertising, ads can be displayed to the relevant audience based on cookies and professional interests, among other factors.

#2- Candidate Sourcing

AI-powered recruiting solutions refine the process and outcomes of connecting with relevant skilled professionals. Due to the ability of such solutions to process data at scale, millions of resumes can be crawled fairly quickly, allowing for a broader reach and faster talent acquisition.

Machine learning and algorithms automate different tasks, such as scanning internal databases, job boards, and social media platforms. Some recruiting firms use AI-powered tools to gain data-driven insights, which can help in making informed decisions when sourcing the most relevant candidates for any job.

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#3- Candidate Screening

It’s fairly easy for employers to miss out on suitable candidates when dealing with hundreds of resumes. Even if the right applicants are in the pool, the mere volume could make it difficult for recruiters to find every robust prospect.

The AI technology thoroughly screens applicant pools to pick out candidates based on different scores, highlighting why they’re a potential fit. It saves employers valuable screening hours they can utilize to focus on other core business operations.

AI screening systems can also evaluate skills, expressions, behaviors, and engagement during interviews. They can pinpoint red flags that indicate incompatible behavior patterns or personalities unsuitable for the company’s culture or a particular role. The insights help narrow down the talent pool so recruiters can focus only on those with high potential.

#4- Data Collection and Diversified Hiring

AI technology has helped improve data collection processes significantly. Screening questions and application details can be collected, saved, and shared with recruiters instantly. Because the right tools reduce the potential for bias, AI can be configured to ignore age, race, gender, and other demographic information to make the screening process fair.

The process helps recruit a diverse workforce based on potential rather than on irrelevant factors. Fair screening and recruiting offer many benefits to organizations in diverse sectors, from innovation to creativity, retention, and productivity.

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Professional Recruiters and AI: A Winning Combination

While AI has significantly increased recruiting effectiveness and efficiency, it’s not the sole solution to improve proficiency. Sometimes, underachieving resumes of qualified candidates can be overlooked by technology.

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