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ideas for careers

You Want / I Have

Here is how to remove the subjective aspect of getting your resume noticed and how to dramatically increase your odds of landing an interview using the "You Want / I Have" method!

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Attitudinal Antidotes!

See how a positive attitude addresses many of the problems in society! Especially when combined with a commitment to take action!

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Why Didn't I Get The Job?!

People ask, "Why didn't I get the job?" A better question is, "Why did SOMEONE ELSE get the job?" Here's why!

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Stay Put and Transform Your Job!

If you are unhappy in your job and ready to quit, here's an novel idea: What would it look like for you to keep and transform the job you already have?

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Great Recruiting in a Rising Economy

A rising economy poses challenges for everyone involved in staffing and recruiting. For a great outcome, all parties must put in their best effort!

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