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5 Things That Turn Off Potential Employers During An Interview

Now that you have the interview, how do you make sure you don't shoot yourself in the foot? In this infographic, you'll learn 5 things that candidates do to turn off potential employers. Avoid these mistakes and increase your chances of landing your next job.

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6 Facts About Employee Engagement

When employees feel listened to and valued, they are inspired to go the extra mile at work. Here are 6 facts about employee engagement that every organization should consider.

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Traits of Productive Employees You need To Look For Before Your Next Hire

Productive people are great problem-solvers who anticipate problems in advance and solve them proactively.

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Warning Signs The Candidate Is Not A Good Fit For Your Company

49% of employers say that dressing inappropriately for an interview is one of the worst things a candidate can do.

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Former Talent Acquisition Team Leader Talks About Using Recruiting Firms

Not only can engaging a recruiter save you money in the long run (check out our “infographic” showing how), but in the short run, it’s actually often faster and easier to find your ideal candidate using a recruiter than it is conducting the search process on your own.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How Hiring a Recruiting Firm Can Save Your Company Money

Citing "cost", companies sometimes hesitate to hire a recruiting firm to find the right people, but a bad hire can cost far more...

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