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Jan H - Writer/Editor

Jan is a talented communicator, writer and editor with broad experience in the private and public sectors. She has worked for leading international oil and gas companies, traveling when necessary to cover company operations and accomplishments. Her contributions are visible on the company’s website and social media posts.

Her international perspective and love of travel come from living and working abroad as well as serving in roles such as director of the Sister Cities program and protocol officer for the mayor of Houston. Through her work at public relations agencies, she developed a thorough knowledge of Houston and its business community. She has also managed events and raised funds for major Houston nonprofits, including the symphony, Houston SPCA and Houston Humane Society.

Jan brings to her work a skill set, diverse background and cultural knowledge that make her a valuable member of the organization.

Top 3 Attributes:

  1. Writer and editor with broad communications experience. Enjoys interviewing people, conducting research and the challenge of pulling together a written piece that resonates with her audience.
  2. Solid working knowledge of oil and gas industry operations and ability to make technological concepts accessible to a general audience yet still interesting to engineers and scientists.
  3. Communications and public relations background features private sector, public sector, agency and nonprofit support, including feature writing, strategic planning, publications, video, podcasting and advocacy.

Top 3 Experiences:

  1. Visited oil and gas company operations in the U.S. and abroad, conducting interviews and pulling together magazine and online articles about the company’s global operations and people.
  2. Provided communications support to the executive vice president of technology and projects, the chief technology officer and their team. Covered a range of technology issues, from water reuse and recycling to the company’s lab operations.
  3. Helped establish the company’s podcast network. Conducted interviews with mid-level managers and others, giving a voice to people conducting exciting work throughout the company.

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