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Trish Cunningham

Solution Provider


I’m a morph of personalities.  As the youngest of 10 I’ve managed to adapt to most any situation one can imagine.  I got my first taste of notoriety in 8th grade when my history fair project won first place, was in the Galveston Daily News with a caption and then in the Galveston County Museum.  It was cool!  The competitive juices started flowing and I became more involved in competitive sports including volleyball and basketball and won honors and learned so many valuable lessons.  At that point, having my picture in the paper became an almost weekly event and common place; my mom was convinced the photographer had a crush on me – thinking about that now is kind of gross because he was so old, probably like 25 or 26!  Going away to college (SFASU) I planned on being either a journalist leading to an anchor desk or a DEA Agent who would break up cartels on the border; surely you can see the correlation.  Between making that decision and graduating from college 2 things happened to change my mind on both fronts – the ripping and reading of a horrific tragedy that hit too close to home and the same horrific tragedy involving a drug cartel – all in one fell swoop my top 2 career paths were collapsing right in front of me.  I knew I’d never be able to stick a microphone in someone’s face and ask how that made them feel and I’d never want to get shot – the fear gene kicked in!  Alas, I drove a curvy path to where I am today and each and every experience I’ve had in this life has prepared me to work in this crazy business of finding great opportunity for outstanding marketers and communicators for an amazing company like Brookwoods Group.  It’s been a bumpy and awesome ride!

Personal Interests

Where do I start?  My guilty secret-but-not-so-secret-anymore-pleasure is watching the Young & the Restless (DVR is the best thing ever!) and I’ve followed the show for over 25 years.  I really love animals – cats, dogs, bunnies, birds, raccoons, even squirrels and I feed them all – I should own stock in pet supplies and pet food.  I also love planning spontaneous events.  I really enjoy being on stage and I love the theatre.  There is something about feeding off a live audience and hearing the laughter or the applause.  A favorite moment was when I was in Deer Park’s Art Park Player’s GI Jukebox because I got to sing songs from the 1940’s and people in the audience were dancing in the aisles during Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – ah, such a unique time in history for so many reasons.  And history, I love history!  To read or watch biographies about strong women who made a difference in fields that serve women like Elizabeth Arden or Coco Chanel really inspires me.  I also get inspired when we match the right opportunity with the right professional positively affecting so many lives in a ripple effect that goes well beyond what we see!

Solutions I Provide

Current Opportunities

Click here to see the most current professional opportunities at Brookwoods Group. If any of these appear to be similar to needs you have, then know we are ALREADY finding great talent for these clients!  That makes it easier to find the right professional for YOU! In any case, it cannot hurt to SUBSCRIBE to receive an e-mail of the postings as they happen. See the top of this page.

Client Comments

Brookwoods Group works hard to assure a great experience for all clients. Click here to see these comments from many of our past clients.

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